Can German-Jewish Food be the next culinary trend?

We are both honored and flattered by the article “Can German-Jewish Food be the next culinary trend?“, written by Wes Eichenwald for The Jewish Advocate, the Boston weekly newspaper. But more than that, we are so happy and appreciative to see our subject written about in a way that highlights its multiple angles – both culinary and cultural. The article is being published today, September 4, 2015, in the holiday issue of the newspaper — but you can also read a digital version of it on the Jewish Advocate’s website HERE .

In other news, we have been hard at work on the cookbook – writing and testing recipes, writing and testing recipes, writing and testing recipes, etc. You get the picture.

IMG_9707_opt IMG_9837_opt

 left (by Don Gropman): Sonya & Gaby in cooking mode; right: testing a trout recipe

  1. Evie Weinstein-Park said:

    Is it too late to submit recipes still?

    • sonya said:

      Hi Evie, It’s not too late! Please submit recipes, we would love to see them. Thanks!

  2. said:


    Great article, best of luck!

    Susan Rosenbaum Greenberg

    • sonya said:

      Thanks, Susan!

  3. Regina said:

    Congratulations for this article_ good luck for the book! Bamberg and Regina are looking forward to this great cook book!

    • Gaby said:

      Thanks, Regina. We are working on it.

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